One year after: Refugees and locals united against the EU-Turkey deal

PLEASE NOTE: The location of the assembly has changed to Lesvion Hotel due to the last-minute decision by the municipality of Mytilene to withdraw their permission for the use of the foyer of the Mytilene theatre. We can’t help but wonder if the decision of the municipality should be interpreted as a political statement in support of the EU-Turkey deal. We will continue to denounce the deal, which is based on the false premise that Turkey is a safe country and which is in violation of the fundamental right to seek asylum.

Refugees and locals are coming together in a unique People’s Assembly on 15 March 2017 in Mytilene to denounce the impact of the EU-Turkey deal on their everyday lives. At the assembly, Moria refugee community leaders will present their open letter to European Union government leaders.

It has been one year since European Union governments have decided to keep refugees trapped on the Greek islands.

We, refugees and locals, will continue to stand side by side in solidarity and fight for refugee rights. While the public attention shifts away, we will continue to denounce the violations we are living and witnessing on a day-to-day basis.

We believe it is our duty to share our reality of the past year and to challenge the policies that affect our communities. We invite you to join us at our People’s Assembly on 15 March 2017.

Will be represented on the panel:

– Refugee community leaders who will present their open letter to European Union government leaders

– Refugees sharing personal stories

– Representative of Turkish Lawyers for Freedom

– Representatives of City Plaza and solidarity coordination group in Athens

– Representative of Lesvos Pro-Refugee Movement

Please note: Refugees with personal stories illustrating the impact of the EU-Turkey deal will be available for interview throughout the week of 13 March.

The People’s Assembly comes a few days ahead of the march in Mytilini on Saturday 18 March, starting at 12.00 from Sappho Square. Numerous demonstrations against fascism and against the EU-Turkey deal are taking place across Greece that day.

What? A People’s Assembly about the consequences of the EU-Turkey deal in Lesvos. The Assembly is an initiative of Lesvos Pro-Refugee Movement, bringing together refugee communities and local groups and unions in Lesvos, defending refugee rights.

When? Wednesday 15 March 2017, 6.30pm – 8.00 pm

Where? Lesvion Hotel Mytilene

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Press contact: 

Carmen Dupont

+30 693 4727 091


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